1in10 Success Stories: Dr. Sandy Serizier

Dr. Holmes met Sandy at Boston University in the National Science Foundation sponsored program, GK-12, that prepares graduate students to become K-12 educators. Cynthia Brossman, director of LERNet, brought me in to coach students in how to perform as teachers.

Holmes led a two-workshop training with Nicholas Gross, an improvscience colleague and physics professor at Boston University. Sandy approached Dr. Holmes to find more opportunities to work with her. She invited Sandy to join one of her online mentoring groups for graduate students and post docs to develop their leadership and professional performances. 

Five years later… Sandy, now completing her PhD, said to Dr. Holmes:
“You were very influential in my education. The experience of being in the workshop and coaching with you changed how I did graduate school. You helped me see communication differently. Instead of feeling I had to have the right answers before speaking to my advisor, I realized that my advisor just wanted to be kept in the loop. I was more confident sharing how the work was going and not taking unexpected results as something personal. This allowed us to work more effectively together.”  

Dr. Holmes greatest joy in ten years of improvscience is hearing from participants how they use what they do together to continue to transform.