Creating the Human Face of Science

Saturday, August 10, 2019

What brings a Tufts and Harvard trained scientist of color to the world of improv?
Why are hundreds of educators, researchers in science, technology, engineering and math turning to improv to make the next breakthrough? 

In her keynote address at the 2019 Applied Improvisation Network World Conference, Dr. Holmes shares her activist journey to building community and humanizing the culture of science through improv, performance and play

As scientists learn to create playful ensembles, they learn to share their passion openly and to create a culture of curiosity with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. They create anew the human face of science.

Holmes will engage the audience in a discussion with actor-director Mia Anderson. and physicist Carolyn Sealfon. Together they explore their different philosophies and approaches to the interweaving of improvisational performance and creativity to support science learning and communication.  

You can read AIN’s interview of Dr. Holmes about the applications of improvisation in society, here.