Boston University Committed to Scientists Growth

Dr. Holmes is once again bringing improvscience services to the curriculum of the Bioinformatics Program at Boston University. Each year since 2013, the program invests in its students' growth by bringing Dr. Holmes and her colleagues at improvscience to help students develop their scientific performances. In this case, we literally mean performances. How do scientists talk? How do they talk about their work? How do they talk about scientific questions, experiments and philosophies?

Too many simply answer the question: Not well. At BU, they explore and pursue the question. In other words, in an environment of caring they create opportunities for students and faculty to create the culture. You can read Dr. Holmes' blog on the issue of caring in science environments here

Since the program's Fall Retreat of 2013, we’ve been impressed with and excited to be a resource for the leadership's commitment to growth opportunities for their students. Boston University recognizes that human interactions are central to doing science, and their Bioinformatics Program has a long history of innovation. Initiated by Charles DeLisi, it is one of the first programs of its kind. Our work at Boston University is a part of our Communicating Science Series and has supported students having creative conversations in the classroom, developing their professional presentations and enhancing their job skills