CLEO - Cultivating Learning Environments Online

How do you build an engaged, interactive experience online? What help is there?

Register to be invited to our next online 3-week professional development group. In these groups, educators explore their pedagogical practices together and get help creating their learning environments as places where everyone works together to make learning possible. 

Engage with a growing community of experienced instructors and builders of inclusive environments in higher education and out-of-school programs.

Here’s what we’ll help you do online:

  • Find creative approaches to engaging your students.
  • Create ways for your students to support everyone in the class.
  • Create strategies that address your curricular and pedagogical objectives.
  • Help your Teaching/Learning assistants become leaders of collaborative groups.

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What educators are saying about CLEO

“It was lovely to go on a journey with Raquell and Martha… to have a structure for learning when all the structures we’ve come to know are missing. We got to know what it was like to participate and to be in the shoes of our students, like a test kitchen.”

Camilla Jensen, Ph.D., InterPlay.

“CLEO is an opportunity to explore your pedagogical practices in an online synchronous environment that is not just how you bring a course online. It’s how you relate online. You can have deep conversations about what it means to change your teaching practice. We are all learning the mechanical things. We’re in a moment where you can change your practice. CLEO is an environment for people to have those conversations.”

 Jim Martinez, Jr., PhD, Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, NYIT.

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