Building Communication from Bench to Communities

Monday, June 4, 2018

Dr. Holmes is helping to build community and communication in the Clinical Translational Science Institute at Children’s National (CTSI-CN).

The CTSI programs are part of the National Institute of Health initiative to ensure that research makes it from the lab to the medical practices and the people that need it. This workshop on communication and collaboration helps to make that possible by helping researchers to talk with one another across disciplines and institutional locations.

Creating shared directions with others—fellow clinicians, ­­scientists and nonscientists—requires researchers to flexibly and competently respond to the differences in each multi-disciplinary collaboration. Yet, the communication practices that facilitate functional relationships are rarely part of our training.

Even with common goals, multidisciplinary teams can struggle in building shared directions and common language. How do we build innovative approaches or engage multiple stakeholders with the misunderstandings and assumptions that come with cross disciplinary collaborations?

In this workshop, participants are led through experiential exercises that develop their abilities to listen, ask questions and build with what others say. These skills are essential to creating mutual understanding, meaningful shared goals and practical next steps among collaborators. By learning to improvise and perform conversations, researchers discover ways to make creative use of the joys and challenges that come with building functional multidisciplinary teams.