Communicating Science

Scientists are communicating about their work on a regular basis: in lab meetings, conferences, professional networking and public outreach events. improvscience creates workshops in which scientists can learn how to quickly build rapport, respond to and build with the questions and suggestions of an audience. They learn to communicate effectively and confidently.

Email us at about a communicating science workshop for your science, technology, engineering and mathematics professionals.


What stories do your experiments and data tell? What elements of a story can be used in creating scientific talks? What are the messages that you want to convey, and how can they be heard?

If you aim to foster a fearless exchange of ideas, collaborative projects or functioning networks, our Improv for STEM Professionals workshop helps the magic happen.

Once the presentation is outlined, slides created and the talk scripted out, what do you do? You perform! Our coaching develops your personal style of scientific presentation. 

The Living Improv Experiment (LIVE): improvised entertainment for your off-site or conference. We feature your scientists' lives. Highlight and celebrate who your scientists are as people, as members of scientific communities and of our larger culture.

Do your slides support the story you are telling? Do they focus your message and tell your audience what is important, necessary to know?  

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