Professional Presentations: Developing into your professional self

Communication of Science, Systems Biology Program, Harvard University. Once professional presentation slides are created and the talk outlined or scripted, what do you do? You perform.

Successful presentations are a combination of relevant content and the delivery of that content. As scientists we are well versed in our content and often know what we want to say. Yet, we are less often prepared for the delivery, the performance. While there may be general principles for giving a talk, knowing what to do to improve our presentation performance takes another kind of preparation and direction.

Helping people to develop new performance qualities is the role of a director and coach. Posture, voice, movement and tempo communicate a great deal to an audience. Mia Anderson has years of experience coaching people with and without acting experience to give excellent performances of their creative vision. She joins Holmes in this workshop tailored to the needs of the new Communication of Science course implemented in the Systems Biology Program at Harvard University. Serving as performance coaches, Holmes and Anderson help students develop their voice and professional presence.

The workshop will also address how presenters deal with the challenges and opportunities created by audience questions. How do you hear the question? How does the question contribute to the talk? How do you give unscripted answers in the moment? Seeing and practicing the improvisational nature of the scientific talk and ensuing dialogue in a workshop setting gives speakers the opportunity to develop as excellent presenters. 

You too can develop your voice. Contact us to learn how. 
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