"Performing the World" Interview with Dr. Raquell Holmes

Dr. Raquell Holmes has enjoyed presenting at the Performing the World conference since 2001. She spoke with Dr. Neil Bardhan for an interview. In their conversation, they discussed Dr. Holmes' experiences with the PTW conference over the years, her upcoming panel on building community, and the people who share humanistic goals. You can listen to several excerpts from this interview via Soundcloud. Dr. Holmes discuss the PTW community and goals.

An excerpt focused on this year's panel that Dr. Homes is leading is also available for you to enjoy.

The PTW community encompasses many from around the world who use performance as a means of achieving goals. Performance, for them, is everything that a person does: humans are cultural, always in relation to other people. Dr. Holmes has used performance for its benefits in science and technology. PTW supports her in this work. Her goal at the conference is "always growth. The key to relationships is growing."

If you would like to speak with Dr. Holmes about your own interests in performance and science, please e-mail info@improvscience.org.

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