Building Professional Networks with improvscience

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The student program at SC includes programming and opportunities for undergraduates through graduate students. Volunteer students attending the conference are invited to join this improvscience peer networking event. 

Do you want to create more functional relationships with your colleagues? Would you like to find more comfort and freedom in the way you talk about what you do?

Led by Dr. Raquell Holmes, the workshop uses improvisational theater in which participants create collaborative conversations and interviews. Through these playful exercises students develop the professional communication skills necessary for building networks among themselves and others. Students will come away with greater flexibility in talking about their interests and engaging confidently with their colleagues.

The 2-hour session is open to conference attendees who are registered as students or are part of the student programs offered with the conference.

Our work at improvscience has proven to enhance communication and collaboration among STEM professionals nationwide. For more information about how we might serve your organization, please email us.