Performing Confidence: Building a Stronger Future

Friday, September 20, 2019

Industry professionals are looking to augment their training with skills that help them excel and advance in their careers. Dr. Raquell Holmes has partnered with Dr. Bushra Anjum of Doximity to deliver a professional development workshop— Performing Confidence—at the Tapia Conference

Confidence includes belief in one’s past achievements, current competence, and future ability to succeed. However, repeated research studies have shown that societal, psychological, systemic messages contribute to self-doubt for women and minorities when it comes to their abilities in STEM disciplines.

This interactive session creates the opportunity for participants to discover their personal approach and style that boosts their self-confidence via performance and improvisation. Improvisational performance is the ability to be present in the moment, to enact embodied responses that embrace cognition and emotion.

The workshop combines presentation, experiential exercises with critical reflection, and discussion to help the participants develop and create instances of confidence—voice, posture, emotions—that will increase their ability to overcome hurtles imposed by doubts and challenges at work. Our goal is to build a stronger future by enabling a diverse STEM workforce of tomorrow that is unhindered by the doubts they have accumulated, or those that have been projected on to them.