Steaming It Up at U Tokyo

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Dr. Holmes is heading for the University of Tokyo to give a lecture and workshop which demonstrate how scientists can develop from learning the same improvisational theater methods used in youth development programs and social change movements, and how scientists can become better collaborators, communicators and team players. 

In the lecture, Dr. Holmes will introduce participants to how research communities in the US (Boston University, Arizona State University and Harvard Medical School) are embracing performance and play in education and research. 

From performative psychology and socio-cultural perspectives developed by Lev Vygotksy  and Lois Holzman, she will share how our human abilities to perform (like actors) and to play (as adults) are breaking down disciplinary barriers and supporting our human development across the arts, humanities and STEM.  

In the workshop, Dr. Holmes will lead improvisational theater exercises that create conditions in which STEM students and faculty can work together to ask open-ended questions and explore STEM concepts together. Participants will learn through practice the basic tenets of improvisational theater associated with excellent teaching, building community, and becoming better communicators and collaborators.