Performing Science at UX in March

Saturday, March 11, 2017

What happens when a physicist, a chemist and a biologist walk into a UX classroom....?

You’ve heard the term “egghead,” but have you ever really looked at an egg? Scientists Nick Gross, a physicist, Jennifer Novotney, a chemist, and Dr. Holmes, a biologist, share their thoughts, experiments and views on that ever-important object, the egg.

Come discover the world of science in this Performing Science class at UX—what is physics? what is chemistry? what is biology?—by playing with things in our daily lives: in this case, the egg! Open to all UX students in New York area. Class starts March 11th. To register as UX student, click here.

If you are a scientist interested in talking with youth and adults from poor communities and communities of color, contact us.

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