All Stars UX Math & Science Day

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dr. Raquell Holmes leads a team of volunteer creative scientists, mathematicians and techies in an afternoon of STEM play with youth and adults from poor communities. These scientists and science enthusiast are eager to create opportunities for everyone to explore STEM. They recognize that STEM education and experiences are important and not always accessible to those who live in poor neighborhoods. The UX project of the All Stars gives them the chance to develop innovative classes that bring high-end, playful resources to participants who would not otherwise have the opportunity. From molecules to engines and galaxies — all are at the UX students' fingertips to play with.

The cast of volunteers include Nick Gross from Boston University, Jennifer Novotney from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum, Dion Paul from Google, Sofya Borinskaya of Rutgers University and Jim Martinez of the New York Institute of Technology. These scientists understand communicating science is a relational process of bringing our excitement, passions and playfulness to others.

UX is open to students of all ages. At the Math and Science Day, no scientific background is needed!

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