Spotlight on an improvscientist: Neil Bardhan

Neil Bardhan is a workshop leader and designer with improvscience. He has his own consulting company, Bardhan Consulting, in which he offers related, yet distinct, services.

Neil came to improvscience from research in psycholinguistics, with a Ph.D. in Brain & Cognitive Sciences. He studied how adults learn new words, particularly those that sound similar to each other. In his research life, he became interested in how scientists present their work within academic culture. This led him to create his interactive workshop, Effective Presentations: A Perspective from Cognitive Psychology. His coaching brings cognitive psychology findings to the practice of designing and displaying slide presentations. As a result of a family member's improvscience experience, Neil began taking improvisational comedy classes in 2014 and performs regularly in a variety of shows.

Soft-spoken certainty and responsive, meaningful communication are hallmarks of his coaching.  He is excited by others' curiosity. His previous clients have described working with him as “innovative” and “extremely helpful” when it comes to workshop participants “breaking through their own fear.”    

Neil is a storytelling event producer, story archivist, and story coach. He has developed a new workshop, Telling Your Science Story, and has performed stories that touch on personal and professional experiences throughout Philadelphia and New York City. As in his slide design work, Neil informs his teaching with findings from linguistics and cognitive psychology, combines research with the art of personal storytelling, and links ideas to STEM professionals' lives.

With improvscience, he loves being playful and engaging with the people who do science and build extraordinary communities.
If you're in the Philadelphia area and enjoy comedy, live storytelling shows, or arts non-profits, you've probably seen his work. We invite you to reach out and say hello to Neil.