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Keynote at AIN Conference 2019

Dr. Holmes will be a keynote speaker at the Applied Improvisation Network Conference that is being hosted by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at SUNY Stony Brook. Hear what she has to say about improvscience and the AIN world conference in this interview with... 

Building Inclusive Environments Humanizes Science

Dr. Holmes Writes: Science is a field of exploration: a philosophical exploration of how the world works.

For some, science is a field of what exists, a process by which rules that apply to all can be deciphered. For others, it is a method for discovering what might be. As a developmental biologist and developmentalist (someone who organizes conditions for people to grow), I am interested in how things become whatever they become. How does a single cell (an oocyte) become (develop) into a full human being.

Dr. Holmes writes about Moving Art and Science

Movement is created through choices we make on how we live, think, walk and work in the world. The choice may be simple, the impact unknown or unknowable. Yet, we can choose to move.

Social Innovation in Science

How do we grow the science community as an inclusive, creative, joyous and productive enterprise for those who choose to work in it?

Spotlight on an improvscientist: Neil Bardhan

Neil Bardhan is a workshop leader and designer with improvscience. He has his own consulting company, Bardhan Consulting, in which he offers related, yet distinct, services.

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