What do you mean improvscience?

It's a great pleasure to write about improvscience. It is a company dedicated to both improvisation and science. I have combined the words improv and science because it is what we do. We bring improvisational theater to science.

What does that mean bringing improv to science? Well, improv is shorthand from improvisation and in this case improvisational theater. We bring the training exercises of improvisational theater to workshops and training sessions to support scientists developing in their work and their lives.

As you will see in the community pages, improvisation and performance is increasingly recognized and utilized in the world as critical for everyday creativity, leadership and human development. Scientists developing? Yes, scientists develop. At improvscience we are interested in highlighting scientists who support the development of people they work with as well as those who support new kinds of scientific performances: science in collaboration, science as creative practice and ensemble performances in science.

What's the science? The science is the daily practice of scientists. What areas of science are engaging in improvisational and ensemble practices? And what scientific studies echo or are potential co-relatives of improvisational and ensemble practices?

At improvscience, we are interested in supporting the development of science as an extension of supporting scientists to develop.

What's the mission? Let's create the social context in which scientists can creatively explore our world. Where doing research is part of growing and growing is part of research. Let's improv science.