Poetic Science: creativity informing science and vice versa

“Science is poetry,” declares Abby Sciuto on NCIS “Cracked” (season 8, episode 6).  She is not the only one to think so. On Tuesday, Feb 5th at the 57th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting, Sherry Ann Brown, M.D., Ph.D. presents “Poetic Science: Enriching the biophysics and systems biology experience.” Her poster will be part of the meetings educational poster session.

Riding the improv wave into 2013

As we end 2012 and enter 2013, I am struck by the number of scientists and performance activists who are bringing performance and science together. Last year, as we entered 2012 I was excitedly and rapidly preparing a gathering of scientists, educators, health professionals and artists in Farmington, CT.

WeFold Success!!!!

As I have continued to develop scientists ability to work with each other and to see the possible collaborative ensembles, Silvia Crivelli has been organizing change. In words, it is simple. She invited protein folding scientists to collaborate...They succeeded!!!

Beginning a week of performance in New York.

I arrived in New York City on Oct. 3rd for a week filled with performance. It started with the class led by one of the Principals of Performance of a Lifetime, Maureen Kelly. The  class “Let's Improvise! Bringing Innovations in Ensemble-Building to Coaches, Teachers & Facilitators (and anyone who works with groups)” was one of the many classes and training opportunities offered by the East Side Institute.

Developing leadership is awkward and appreciated

On July 29, 2012 future and current junior scientists gathered in Arlington, VA for their first interactive leadership development workshop. For many scientists in areas of computational science, it’s rare to receive the invitation to explicitly develop their leadership skills as part of their graduate and early career training. In this case, leadership development was at the fore of their workshop on Communication, Collaboration and Creativity.

It isn't one or the other: play supports learning

I had the opportunity to see a wonderful panel on play. It was part of the business meeting of AERA 2012 Cultural Historical. If more business meetings were more often like this one, we would probably look forward to them. The room was filled with serious players.

What intent has to do with creating with colleagues

In talking with colleagues, do you need to know what their intent is? or can you create without it? take for example a recent conversation i had with the students and faculty of the professional science masters program at u.conn storrs.

What do you mean improvscience?

It's a great pleasure to write about improvscience. It is a company dedicated to both improvisation and science. I have combined the words improv and science because it is what we do. We bring improvisational theater to science.

What does that mean bringing improv to science? Well, improv is shorthand from improvisation and in this case improvisational theater. We bring the training exercises of improvisational theater to workshops and training sessions to support scientists developing in their work and their lives.