Social Innovation in Science

How do we grow the science community as an inclusive, creative, joyous and productive enterprise for those who choose to work in it?

It’s a question that is on the minds, pens and tongues of many. What is Social Innovation in Science? The Stanford Social Innovation Review released a new report that looks at the relevance of science in the civic arena. The number and impact of social innovators have grown as well as people who are turning to improvisation to aid in their work. 

We’ve been applauding social innovators awhile. They are YOU and US: the Tapia Conference in 2001, the Broader Engagement program at SIAM, Broadening Participation in Data Mining, the Mathematical Theoretical Biology Institute at ASU and an increasing number of independent, civic-minded organizations in research scholarship, e.g., East Side Institute and Ronin Institute. We are happy to support CESTEMER, a conference serving social innovation in the sciences. Check the CESTEMER website and follow @cestemer on twitter for 2019 news!

I am proud that improvscience is dedicated to helping scientists to discover and create the social conditions in which they can thrive.