CESTEMER 2017 at The Goodman Theatre

It is fitting that the Cultivating Ensembles in STEM Education and Research (CESTEMER) conference, focused on performance, science and science education, makes its appearance in Chicago, Sept. 15-17th. This is made even more significant by taking place at the midwest’s premiere regional theater in Chicago, thanks to Willa Taylor, Goodman Theatre’s Director of Education. An advocate of science and theater, Taylor sees CESTEMER as an opportunity to bring these communities together in Chicago.

In addition, Chicago is the birthplace of Viola Spolin (originator of theater games) and home to Second City and one of the early centers dedicated to teaching science communication: RSG (Ready Set Go), directed by Michelle Paulsen.

What happens at CESTEMER? This innovative conference brings together faculty, graduate students, K-12 educators and professionals in STEM and art fields who are exploring, practicing, and researching performance in science. CESTEMER advances, among these diverse attendees, the practices of community-building, collaborative creativity, diversity and inclusion and their relationship to ensembles. To get an inspiring view of what’s ahead, here’s a reflection from a past participant at CESTEMER.

What new interactions, stages, dynamics and characters are part of your growing science community? We are looking at exceptional communities in science and seeking sponsors and proposals from those who would like to participate. If you are interested in participating in this conference, let us know here

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