Proposal Submissions are Open for CESTEMER 2019

We are happy to announce that the CFP for the Cultivating Ensembles in STEM Education and Research (CESTEMER) 2019 conference is now open! Join us in New York City as we push the boundaries of what it means to be a scientist, performer, artist, or educator and how we can play at the intersections of our identities.

Our conference welcomes everyone, newcomers and old friends, to share and explore creative ideas about how STEM and the arts and humanities coexist in the wonderful landscape of research, professional development, performance and so much more! "It's unique to create a STEM conference that celebrates and embraces play, performance and creativity,” says CESTEMER chair, Raquell Holmes. “At CESTEMER, you're invited to bring, wear and share your multiple hats - scientist, artist, organizer, humanist- in a truly diverse and inclusive environment."

 Arts, Crafts, Science, and Soundproofing with Anna Gelman & Willa TaylorSubmissions can be in one of several format options, including some outside-the-box choices. The presentation option can be a talk, performance, or any other format that is restricted to ten-minutes. Last year we had several unique presentations.  Simone Hyater-Adams discussed her work exploring the connections between physics education and performance art, as well as how these connections can support physics professionals from marginalized communities.

If you don’t believe your work can be portrayed best in a ten-minute presentation, you are welcome to submit a proposal for an interactive session (45 or 90 minutes) to get your audience engaged with your work. In a CESTEMER ‘17 interactive session, presenter Holly Walter Kerby gave her audience a chance to workshop a science outreach concept and turn it into science theater, as she and her students have done successfully in Madison, WI.

Have an idea for a poster, installation, performance, or game that brings to life your work and ideas? The Share Fair option, which features concurrent presentations on topics from throughout the research and performance communities, might be best suited for you! For example, Ellen Feldman Ornato from ConnectAnd Improv played a game with participants to share an improvisation-based storytelling framework that helps researchers develop captivating presentations.

Improvised skit created and performed by attendees in conference finale.

Pre-conference professional development workshops are also an excellent option to share new ways of thinking and doing science and art. These workshops kick off the CESTEMER conference, and are free for all registered conference attendees! Sara ElShafie’s CESTEMER ‘17 workshop titled “Science Through Story” got participants thinking about how to talk about their work using the storytelling processes of Pixar and their filmography. So, if your proposal is intended to develop new skills and perspectives for the meeting participants, the professional development workshop is the format for you!

Do you have an idea that doesn't necessarily fit within the current formats? We welcome (and encourage) you to submit it! CESTEMER organizers are open to all new ideas for sharing your work. Beth Osnes highlighted here unique work with community partners and brought Shine, a youth led play about climate change in 2017, to the CESTEMER ‘17 stage.

The ways you can craft your presentation are boundless at CESTEMER. We are excited for you to join us. If you have concerns or questions about the submission formats, please contact

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