Loretta Cheeks reflects on CESTEMER

Loretta Cheeks attended the CESTEMER conference in 2015 and wrote to reflect on her experience.

"My connection with CESTEMER includes the integration of science through creative expressions for student engagement. Specifically, with the help and support of Dr. Raquell Holmes, I was able to apply improvscience exercises learnt during the deployment of STEM summer camps and community outreaches for explaining complex principles and creating an atmosphere for fun and creative exploration of big ideas through the lens of kids. I am intrigued about the fundamental human connection gained through the tool of “play” and the power that play allows for in unleashing untapped ideas. It is my belief that, through play, STEM experts are given a peephole for uncapping great treasures within the brain that may otherwise be hidden due to patterns of learning that places more emphasis on linear ways of knowledge discovery: methods, theory, processes, or experiments.
CESTEMER is an open environment for all who want to learn, play and discover deeper paths of communicating and relating to humans. As such, I felt totally welcomed and a part of the development of a great host of scientist with a passion for sharing and community."


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