What brings a Tufts and Harvard trained scientist of color to the world of improv?
Why are hundreds of educators, researchers in science, technology, engineering and math turning to improv to make the next breakthrough? 

Dr. Holmes is heading for the University of Tokyo to give a lecture and workshop which demonstrate how scientists can develop from learning the same improvisational theater methods used in youth development programs and social change movements, and how scientists can become better collaborators, communicators and team players. 

Industry professionals are looking to augment their training with skills that help them excel and advance in their careers. Dr. Raquell Holmes has partnered with Dr. Bushra Anjum of Doximity to deliver a professional development workshop— Performing Confidence—at the Tapia Conference

Scientists are creative. They are constantly developing and building the tools they need to advance their work. This year, the Ph.D./Postdoc Community of Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, a leading public research institute in Germany, reached across the water to engage improvscience in their professional development.