Join improvscience at ONCE! We will be at the ONCE Lounge at Somerville's Cuisine en Locale with the Living Improv Experiment. Yes, LIvE returns to the Boston area in 2016. At the Cambridge Science Festival on April 18th at 7pm and 19th at 5pm, improvscience presents a new iteration of this improvised experience.

improvscience leads monthly improv workshops for STEM students and faculty at Boston University. These two hour sessions, sponsored by the BU Bioinformatics program, are led by improvscientists, scientists and performance directors of improvscience.

Come out for an evening of fun, unscripted performances while building your skills at listening, talking in a group and discovering new things with other people.

Bruce Corson and Raquell Holmes will be leading students in Martha McCoy’s Palisades High School in a ‘life design’ workshop called “Being Inside and Outside the Box.” They will be introducing an adapted version of a professional development design workshop for educators and practitioners. And that's how these CESTEMER alumni roll.

What is the significance of communication in science? Do we need it? And who is “we”? Through the Thirst event series in DC on Feb. 11th, Dr. Holmes will take the stage inviting us all to shape and define what science communication and being a science communicator means. The thirst event in DC corresponds to the AAAS meeting. Increasingly this meeting is home to science communicators across the globe. What's your “scicomm sign”? Are you looking for your “scidentity”? What if we eliminate identity all together?


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