June 19th, 2014, the Team for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technology, otherwise known as TRUST is having its annual summer institute: Women's Institute in Summer Enrichment (WISE). Leading researchers in cybersecurity will spend the week with faculty, postdocs and graduate students in computer science with the goal of furthering their technical expertise and professional networks.

Join us for the first improvscience Online Mentoring Group. Essential elements for graduating a diverse pool of trainees includes mentoring and building community. improvscience is creating a group coaching environment in which graduate students and postdocs can develop the social, professional skills (communication, working with others) they need to create a growing career.

June 12th,the 2nd annual ComSciCon begins in Cambridge, MA. This communicating science workshop series is organized for graduate students by graduate students of Harvard and MIT. Dedicated primarily to improving written communication, the organizers are excited to kick-off the event with an improvscience workshop. Through improvisational theater exercises and games, participants at ComSciCon will get to know one another and create a playful environment in which they can build with each others ideas throughout the conference.

On May 22nd at UC San Diego, the Post Doctoral Association has organized for improvscience to lead a highly interactive communicating science workshop in which  postdocs and graduate students will practice creating new professional introductions and conversations. The goals are to recognize our ability to talk, to introduce ourselves, to create a memorable interaction and then to let our science and ambitions be part of those conversations.


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