Holmes and Anderson return to the Communication of Science Course in the Systems Biology Program at Harvard University.  Once professional presentation slides are created and the talk outlined or scripted, what do you do? You perform. Galit Lahav leads the presentations component of this course that brought improvscience in 2012 and 2013 to work these first year students.  

Another discovery through collaborative conversations: Jane Burke’s article on Edutopia. She highlights when she brought an experienced dancer, choreographer to work with her students in chemistry. We hear in her and her student’s voices statements that are often heard when students are invited to understand science with more than abstract words.

Where improvscience will be in the next couple of months. Then onto q-bio 2013Sonoma State University and SC13.

improvscience teaches people how to take risk, listen, build as a group and discover things together. On June 23rd and 28th, I'll be offering an introductory workshops for a general audience in the beautiful wine country. Yes, Sonoma County. Want to come?


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