The Computational Cell Biology meeting held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories brings together researchers who work at the cross-sections of physics, mathematics, computational sciences and cell biology. One is as likely to see experimental methods for live cell imaging as theoretical papers on mathematical forms for creating basic network regulatory patterns.

Register to join improvscience on Sunday, April 27th at 1:00 p.m. in Downtown San Francisco for "Exploring what the improvisational arts bring to science."

Each year thousands of scientists, exhibitors and technical people come together at the Supercomputing conference series known simply as SC. At the SC-conference, the Broader Engagement program welcomes newcomers, particularly those from underrepresented groups, to High Performance Computing (HPC) at the country's leading HPC conference. One aspect of this effort is the Mentor-Protege program.

October 4-7th in New York City, the 7th bi-annual Performing the World Conference will be held. This international, cross-disciplinary, conversational, experiential and practical-critical conference was attended by 500 people in 2010. That year, Holmes gave a talk with her colleague Evelyn Dougherty (PTW 2010). This year Holmes will join fellow scientists and educators to present on the developments of performance and science, and performance and science education.