Join Dr Holmes and Evelyn Dougherty, the director of boston social therapy, in a 3hr class in boston on february 11th. Creating New Kinds of conversations

Do you find yourself at times thinking or wondering… Why is this person telling me something they told me already? And why do i find it difficult to tell them that? Do i repeat myself? Why do i have a difficult time saying hard things to my boss? Why do people listen just long enough for their turn to talk?

Performance, Science and Science Education January 4-6th, 2012 bringing together diverse groupings of people is a hallmark of dr. holmes work. in january 2012, she convened a meeting on performance, science and science education as part of her NSF funded improvisational theater for computing scientists project at university of connecticut health center.

Broader Engagement and Education Orientations November 12, 2011 improvisation continues to be part of the sc11 communities programs. Dr. Holmes will lead participants in sc11’s education and broader engagement programs through exercises to get to know one another and create an environment of exploration and excitement. Broader engagement creates a community context in which people who can be welcomed into the rich network that is the leading computational science, high performance computing conference in the country.

Does performing science change science or scientists? Performing the World is an international conference that brings activists, educators, researchers, therapists and artists together to share their use and discovery of performance. “Does performing science change science or scientists?” was a presentation on the increasing use of performance in scientific communities. Conference session attendees (~40 people) were excited to learn of scientists playing in and looking at how we do science.