Broader Engagement and Education Orientations November 12, 2011 improvisation continues to be part of the sc11 communities programs. Dr. Holmes will lead participants in sc11’s education and broader engagement programs through exercises to get to know one another and create an environment of exploration and excitement. Broader engagement creates a community context in which people who can be welcomed into the rich network that is the leading computational science, high performance computing conference in the country.

Does performing science change science or scientists? Performing the World is an international conference that brings activists, educators, researchers, therapists and artists together to share their use and discovery of performance. “Does performing science change science or scientists?” was a presentation on the increasing use of performance in scientific communities. Conference session attendees (~40 people) were excited to learn of scientists playing in and looking at how we do science.

Orientation SC10, popularly known as SuperComputing, is the largest conference dedicated to High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Computational Science. Of the 10,000 attendees, the Broader Engagement (BE) program and Student Volunteers were over 300 individuals primarily from computer science backgrounds at varying stages of career development and location (undergraduates, graduate, faculty, industry). Dr. Holmes led this diverse group through improv exercises, ice breakers and warm ups to create the social framework for a successful conference.

Professional development "Essential Skills for Career Advancement" was an improvisational session in which session attendees stretched their metaphorical muscles for selling things including themselves as scientists and professionals. The panel “Cultural and community approaches to building a diverse IT workforce” created a discussion among professionals in computing who work at the interfaces of community, culture and development to develop new communities, new performances within a field and by individuals and groups within these fields.