Can we perform our way to power?

The practice, understanding and appreciation for performance and play continue to grow, its appearance in science and other STEM areas being one example of its growth. Simultaneously, the world context in which performance spreads becomes more conflicted. The cultural/political crossroads in the world raise the question of power — how it is created and where the opportunities are for ordinary people to exercise power.  It is this perspective that inspired the theme of Performing the World 2016: Can We Perform Our Way To Power?

This August, improvscience returns to Arizona State University. The Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute (MTBI), led by Carlos Castillo-Chavez is recognized as a Program in Exemplary Mentoring. Dr. Raquell Holmes of improvscience will conduct workshops and coaching based on the success of MTBI to develop faculty in their mentoring capacity.

Creating new relationships to science with youth and adults in NYC. Join Dr. Raquell Holmes, founder and director of improvscience, in performing new kinds of science conversations.

improvscience returns to the Arizona State University Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute for workshops on faculty mentoring and student development.


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