This fall, improvscience brings the "Effective Presentations: A Perspective from Cognitive Psychology" workshop to Arizona State University. This workshop by Neil Bardhan of Bardhan Consulting introduces concepts from cognitive psychology and relates them in an evidence-based approach to slide design for PowerPoint and other similar presentations.

Attendees will learn these concepts and practical guidelines, as well as personally apply them to slides.

Dr. Holmes' relationship to the Bioinformatics program of Boston University is long if not continuous. Recently, along with improvscience performance director Mia Anderson of Mia Anderson Consulting, she has been integrating the Professional Presentations performance coaching within the graduate seminar led by Daniel Segre.

Dr. Raquell Holmes is one of the Luncheon Leaders for the benefit luncheon on Thursday, November 5 for the All Stars Project of the San Francisco Bay Area. Please join us in supporting the All Stars Project at this meaningful event through attendance or sponsorship.

This was the third summer for improvscience to lead an improv for STEM professionals workshop at the Mathematical, Theoretical Biology Institute (MTBI) created by Carlos Castillo Chavez. Carlos and MTBI know that research at its best is a collaborative process in which colleagues bring their curiosity, intellect, tools and experience to address a question of interest.


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