Dr. Holmes writes about Moving Art and Science

Movement is created through choices we make on how we live, think, walk and work in the world. The choice may be simple, the impact unknown or unknowable. Yet, we can choose to move.

Movements go beyond individuality. When people join with others they create action and flow. They generate what we call movements. In my experience and belief, building movements is a continuous improvisational process of building community. It is people saying what they are interested in, what they want to do and inviting others to join them.

I learned to perform by standing on street corners asking passers by to “take a minute for democracy” or “take a minute for youth development.” The street, along with a table and boards, was the stage, the pedestrians part of a new improvised ensemble. None of us knew what would happen. Yet, I was choosing to stand, invite a conversation and see what we might create together.

It is this same grassroots activism that I have brought to academia and to building improvscience. Here I (and others) invite you to create conditions for our collective growth. Creating social change is performatory. We alter the way we talk, dress and interact with one another as we create new societal and cultural moments. As we work to change the culture of STEM, to create conditions of equity, we find new ways of organizing our relationships to one another, including within institutions.

Movements are built through conversations and invitations. What invitations are you making?