Catalyzing environments for discovery: an improvisational process

The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) 2013 conference is taking place July 22-25th in San Diego, CA. Multiple disciplines in science, engineering and humanities who are making use of and pushing the boundaries of high performance computing will gather to share their work and learn from one another. XSEDE has a strong investment in developing future computing scientists and has a strong Student Program planned. On Wednesday, July 24th, 50 highschool students and undergraduates interested in computing will be introduced to peers and senior students who are already engaged in computing.

improvscience will kick of this day of collaborative mentoring with an interactive workshop: Catalyzing environments for discovery: an improvisational process. Discovery is closely related to creativity and being willing to look at and venture into the unknown. To learn and research across disciplines or in multi-disciplinary teams involves improvisational technical and social expertise. Students will experience transforming their social setting by getting to know one another in fun ways, as well as experience and practice discovery through collaboration.