Building a career for you: an improvisational art and practice

The Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing is the largest conference focused on students and diversity in computing. “As an organizer of the first Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, it’s always great to have an opportunity to come back and experience the conference’s growth,” says Holmes. Holmes, the founder of improvscience, is hosting the panel “Building a career for you: an improvisational art and practice.”

Improvisation is the art and practice of creating unscripted scenes together by listening to one another and building the scene with what each person says and does. Improv structures collaborative experiences, and prompts you to act without judging yourself or others. Skilled improvisers focus on acceptance, spontaneity and celebrating mistakes. This focus shifts motivations away from failure avoidance to building, discovering and learning as improvisational play. The panelists (Elizabeth Bautista, Luis Melara, Stephanie Pulford) give voice to their own understandings of career building and improvisation in this 90 minute session.

The benefits of being a consulting company that works with STEM professionals around the country is that improvscience is consistently meeting other engineers, mathematicians, scientists and educators who are actively creating opportunities for growth and innovation in their STEM careers. We highlight these professionals in our improv(e) science Newsletter. And you can meet three of them at Tapia on February 7th and even more in the conference body. Register to attend and let us know to look for you there.

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