"From recognition to action" at NCWIT Summit, May 2014

May 20 and 21, 2014 at the National Center for Women in Technology Summit in San Diego, CA, members of the Academic Alliance will develop their ability to address situations that can otherwise reinforce racial and gender inequities, and hostile environments. Despite invitations to be part of a vibrant working community, women and minorities often experience implicit social messages that convey: "You don’t belong here." The slights or unconscious assumptions in isolation may appear innocent, but over time are experienced as micro-aggressions or inequities given the diversity of the group (gender, race, nationality).

Dr. Holmes developed the interactive workshop "From recognition to action" to address the question, “What do we do?” Although, it is impossible to know beforehand exactly how to respond to a given situation, it is possible to improve our ability to respond. The goal of this theater based workshop is to provide participants with practice in stepping out from roles as “bystander” or “victim” to ones of “ally,” and leader for inclusion

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