Taking Action to Increase Diversity: Tapia Conference

February 18-21, 2015: Holmes, a co-founder of the New England Undergraduate Computing Symposium (NEUCS), along with Tim Hickey, Professor of Computer Science at Brandeis and chair of the NEUCS organizing committee will lead students and faculty at the Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference in an exploration of how to improve and advance efforts to increase diversity in computing.

The landscape of computing has changed. Instead of low enrollments of computer science majors, we now have large numbers. During this period of high enrollment, what should we do to maintain and increase participation by underrepresented groups? The session scheduled for pm Thursday, 19th, hopes to identify and develop nucleation points for action and collaboration beyond the conference.

What is a diverse community when our numbers of women and underrepresented minorities are low in the field? What collaborations are needed or programs to be emulated to advance the inclusion and development of underrepresented minorities in computing? The annual NEUCS was created to emulate the Tapia conference which creates community, inspiration, and professional relationships that span computing industries.  Holmes and Hickey will lead participants through a combination of facilitated exercises and open dialog to seed new alliances and continued efforts for increasing participation in computing.

To seed or scale your own efforts in diversity, contact us at info@improvscience.org