LIVE: The Living Improv Experiment

The Living Improv Experiment (LIVE) is improvised entertainment featuring scientists' lives. This interactive thirty to ninety minute show is available for conferences, meetings and off-sites. The show begins with games in which the audience interacts with performers and each other. Volunteers or select individuals from the audience sit with the LIVE troupe and discuss their field of study. The performers then create a number of humorous and thought-provoking characters inspired by the scientists' lives.

The performers, scientist-improvisers, show the human element of science. Scientists certainly have personal and professional interests that may relate—or not!—to their scientific practice. We highlight who scientists are as people, as members of scientific communities and as members of our larger culture.

At a LIVE show, scientists can participate as audience members, as volunteers who get interviewed or as performers themselves! It's theater by scientists for everyone. When you bring a LIVE troupe to your gathering, it gives your colleagues a chance to see their work in a new way. To bring a LIVE show to your scientists or engineers, contact us.