Excitement for PressForward

In a busy life, there's those moments when you enjoy catching up with someone professionally. One such moment came when I spent some time with Eric Olson. Eric and I met as he researched who was providing improvisation-based science communication training. We found we have a common passion for building community and advancing science. 

So it was a pleasure hearing about his new role with PressForward and learning about what the platform can do. I like that PressForward has the goal of allowing scientists (and others, since it started with the humanities) to gather information from across the web, curate for themselves the relevance of the material and share it more broadly. 

It's "techie community" exciting. Why? Well, how many times have you thought about how to share online articles, archive materials, etc.? For me, it's often enough that I'm excited about the possibility. That makes it techie. It's a technical tool. That it's a technical tool in support of community, makes it techie community not just once but twice over. Once for the techies who love new tools and twice for the communities that will make use of it.

I'm looking forward to trying out PressForward as one of those tools to support an online reference base among my colleagues, our virtual office and our developing community. If you are interested in learning more about PressForward and the communities that utilize the plugin, check out their website and workshops. Then tell us what you think!

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