Five-Year improvscience Anniversary Survey

Dr. Raquell Holmes founded improvscience five years ago. Over the past five years, fulfilling the mission of improvscience to help scientists work and communicate more effectively with one another, we have provided performance-based trainings for over 2500 scientists, educators and administrators. We have grown and helped others to grow!

To observe this anniversary, the improvscience team created an evaluation process that would provide a view of the impact our work has had on clients' lives and careers. Here is what we learned from the survey, which was conducted by Dr. Allison Clark interviewing a diverse cross-section of past participants in improvscience activities:

  • Multiple participants used words like "life changing" and/ or reported that they "listen better."
  • Many participants discovered that takeaways from their experience "apply to [their] professional and personal lives."
  • The continued effect of an improvscience activity beyond a professional setting was, for many, an unexpected benefit.
  • A large number expressed that they still use the skills learned during their improvscience experience.    
  • One respondent said, "improvscience has been life changing. [Learning from] the positivity that improvscience brings, that Raquell brings, I am able to handle the turbulence of life. There are no mistakes -- just unexpected gifts."
  • Another told us, "improvscience pushed me out of my comfort zone. It is okay not to be perfect. You can be yourself."

If you have attended one of our events, we invite you, too, to participate in our five-year anniversary online survey. Your responses will be kept confidential and will be used to improve improvscience programming and to better inform colleagues about the benefits and challenges of such trainings. We greatly appreciate your participation and look forward to your responses.  

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