Computational Cell Biology Meeting: March 19-22, CSHL

The Computational Cell Biology meeting is held every other year at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories (CSHL in Long Island. Initiated in 2001 by the Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling at University of Connecticut Health Center, this conference brings together researchers who work at the cross-sections of physics, mathematics, computational sciences and cell biology. One is as likely to see experimental methods for live cell imaging as theoretical papers on mathematical forms for creating basic network regulatory patterns.

Interdisciplinary fields do more than share information across disciplines. They work to build collaborations and projects that create new approaches and discoveries. Building such collaborations is a social subjective process that depends on people listening, following and contributing in areas that are unfamiliar. How do scientists develop the trust and team work to push the boundaries of their knowledge in these collaborations? Holmes in 2011 led an improvisation workshop for scientists at CCB that introduced researchers to the benefits of performance and play in breaking the ice and having new kinds of conversations.  Play is recognized as a competitive advantage in business innovation and practice. And the combination of scientific rigor with playfulness is the basis for exciting collaborations.  In 2013, Holmes will lead attendees an interactive discussion on the significance and advantages of performance and play in computational cell biology.