Workshop for Staff at Palliative Care Retreat

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Palliative care in the medical world draws deeply on presence, skilled assessments and emotional attention. Attending to seriously ill patients and their families in a way that supports them through their journey as comfortably as possible requires expertise, emotional responsiveness and intense caring from health professionals. This workshop for palliative care health staff—doctors, nurses, social workers and chaplains—is being presented at their Northern California Annual All Site retreat.

You might ask, “Why is improvscience leading a retreat in the field of  palliative care?” We lead technical and scientific people through experiential workshops that are rejuvenating and caring. Professionals within STEM fields, which include the life and health sciences, too often do not get to experience being cared for or nurtured. This workshop serves to unite practitioners, to help them laugh and, through play, experience creating possibilities with one another. These are all critical experiences and skills for interdisciplinary groups who together respond to the needs of a client. For this interdisciplinary group, the client is the patient and family.

Our work brings play and creativity into the workplace and highlights the relational nature of life and science. In this workshop, there is additional emphasis on exploring the interplay of emotionality and intellect, to breaking down the false division between heart and mind. People are emotional beings. When we consciously build with our emotions in any field of science, we amplify the resources we have to bring to our work. We amplify our humanity.

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