Andres Marquez-Lara

Andres Marquez-Lara is a skilled facilitator who integrates his background in the fields of mental health, community engagement, and theater.  Mr. Marquez-Lara is the Founder and President of PrometheanCommunity LLC, a consulting company that strengthens communities through performance. He works with community stakeholders to design highly experiential, individualized workshops that help them explore how they relate to one another, and discover new ways of doing so. He does this while nourishing an environment that promotes acceptance, dialogue, and mutual respect.  Mr. Marquez-Lara has a graduate degree in Clinical Community Psychology from La Universidad Cátolica Andrés Bello, and an undergraduate degree from Duke University in Psychology with a Certificate in Human Development. He is certified in Six Sigma and he has trained at The East Side Institute in social therapy.

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