improvisation for q-bio

I'm just about to leave a wonderful meeting, q-bio. I was invited to deliver one of my "improvisation for STEM professionals" workshops. It's essentially a community building, getting know each other as people workshop that's fun. The organizers were clearly interested in creating an environment where their participants could be comfortable, open and interested in each other as scientists and people. I, as folks know, feel honored that we take the time to pay attention to how we are interacting, that we'll take time to risk doing something a little different for a couple of hours in hopes of having better connections or just to experience something new. I am glad that with improv for q-bio and with all of the improvisation for STEM professionals the worse case scenario is that someone laughed for 2hrs. Best case scenario…well there are probably an infinite number of them that we're still discovering. Yet, some of the responses I've thoroughly enjoyed: "Thanks, that was great. I feel more open, relaxed."

"When you asked for one statement about the workshop, I just wanted to give you a hug."

"We can really see each others personalities and get to know one another in a completely different way."

"I never knew we could be that creative."  Scientists, and for me I use scientists as a reference to all STEM professionals, are immensely creative and artistic. It's not a unique character of scientists. It's just a characteristic I enjoy. And, I'm pleased to have had the chance to work the q-bio community. Serious researchers with a thoughtful attention towards developing their science and their community. 

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