What Do You Mean by Science Communication?

Science Communication: it’s a phrase that has developed into a field and a call to action within communities of science. Yet, many wonder and debate: what is science communication? The answer depends on who you ask and who you play/work with.

For some, the call for science communication has evolved to mean scientists developing concise language and a personal style that speaks to the public. Companies like Massive Science teach scientists "how to talk about their work in ways everyone can understand and enjoy." The Twitter feed I Am SciCom invites self-identified science communicators to bring their voices to the Twitter zeitgeist. Other science communicators focus on the art of communicating science through visual arts, plays, improvisational theater or videos.

At improvscience, we also provide trainings in the essentials of science communication: professional presentations, slide design and narrative creation. They are part of our overall focus on professional growth. We work with clients to answer the question: How do scientists create a culture in which they grow? Their scientific skills and advancement are inherently connected to how they listen and talk with others.

We are excited about the ongoing growth of the field of Science Communication, a field built by scientists as they shape that human endeavor known as science. Find out more in the paper, "STEAM: Using Arts to Develop Well-Rounded and Creative Scientists".