Effective Slide Design

Do your slides support the story you are telling? Do they focus your message and tell your audience what is important, necessary to know?  

Slides are a visual expression of what you want to say. STEM professionals understand the importance of details and conveying with accuracy and precision the work that produces a concept, an approach, an artifact or instrument. However, the details of a process can obscure the significance of our work. Our slides become confusing, busy, and distracting. One reason is that many scientific talks are not aligned with what cognitive scientists understand about human perception, attention, learning and memory.


Our interactive training builds on cognitive research based approaches to the preparation of visually effective presentations.

The workshops and coaching at improvscience develop your ability to think about your slide design in new ways. This includes the bold integration of your experience along with the data and research story. With well-structured visuals, narrative and delivery you will have the power to motivate and inspire, to build trust, to implement new ideas and ignite action in your listeners, while, at the same time, promoting your goals as a scientist and enhancing your skills as an interactive leader.

For individual coaching or group workshops, contact info@improvscience.org