Sloan Foundation supports Program of Excellent Mentoring at ASU

The Sloan Foundation awarded a three year grant to the Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center of ASU for its Program in Exemplary Mentoring. The award funds improvscience workshops and coaching to advance faculty's mentor skills and students' ability to direct their careers. Workshops begin this summer with the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute (MTBI). If you're interested in a faculty training or mentoring group during the year, sign up for more information.   

The MTBI program of Carlos Castillo Chavez is one of a few programs that recruits students predominantly from disadvantaged locations: small schools with few research resources, 1st generation college students, or students working part to full time jobs to finance their careers. These students then engage in a highly intensive summer program in which they are simultaneously immersed in mathematical methods and collaborative research. The program teaches students and faculty how to research together in projects chosen by students and supported and coached by faculty. The learning is co-created and are known to help faculty develop research programs in collaboration with undergraduate students at their own home institutions.

The next three years creates an opportunity for faculty and students to advance their skills at creating such co-led, diverse, collaborative research groups. Carlos Castillo Chavez excels at designing programs that begin to level the playing field for those who wish to pursue careers in science and mathematics. As more of us learn to create the learning environments that are found at ASU, the more chance we have to create science and mathematics research and education as a culture of creativity, inclusion and great talent.