Stories in Science

What stories do your experiments and data tell? Is the significance of your work lost in the details? Are you able to weave a coherent message with the multiple threads of your work? Your work may be an epic adventure, an ongoing mystery with evolving clues, a love affair with precision or the hope for a cure….

In our interactive workshops you discover and shape your unique science stories by coalescing your vision with elements and principles of storytelling.

Developing a story that invites your audience to engage with your research is an art that includes performance, but also the power of the story itself. Effectively used narrative techniques—that boldly integrate the wealth of your experience—have the power to motivate and inspire, to build trust, to implement new ideas and ignite action in your listeners, while, at the same time, promoting your goals as a scientist and enhancing your skills as an interactive leader.

What are the messages that you want to convey, and how can they be heard? Bring you and your research to create your science stories, and bring your leadership skills to the fore.