“Dr. Raquell holmes brings a unique mix of expertise in science, improv theater, and community building. with this background, she is able to lead and support individuals and groups in expanding their views of what is possible, and finding extraordinary new approaches to seemingly-intractable problems...real technical and scientific breakthroughs require innovative thinking, which requires a certain level of intellectual and emotional risk. sometimes the path to true genius requires trying any number of apparently outlandish solutions, failing on a regular basis, until you hit on the right one. (In other words, if you’re not failing sometimes, you’re probably not being ambitious enough.) improv encourages the kind of risk-taking and innovative thinking that research requires."

“What I got from the workshops were several nice illustrations of a good communication skill—the idea of “Yes, and…” two simple words. Easy to say and hard to put into practice”

“I’m not funny, I’m not spontaneous, I’m not…Oh wait, that’s exactly why I should come.”

“It’s a great way to build community and meet people, especially for someone new to the department”