The videos collected here highlight diverse approaches to using performance in science and science education.

What does it mean to do creative science? Does it require taking into account the culture of science? Creativity is a social process that affects and is affected by our environment.

Science Choreography is one of my favorite projects to reference. It is a curriculum (full set of courses with materials) that teaches biology through dance and dance practices. Designed by choreographer Liz Lehrman in collaboration at Weslyan University in Middletown, CT. It falls in the categories of embodied learning, drama or arts in education.

Holmes begins the first Improv Workshop for Scientist at the Computational Cell Biology meeting of 2011.

The sessions of improvscience are designed with the scientist in mind. They use the vetted practice of improvisational theater training to create a context (a stage) in which individuals can develop their skills at working in a group, listening, directing, and exploiting the group’s collective resources.


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