improvscience helps scientists talk and work easily and more effectively with one another.

Dr. Raquell Holmes has created a series of group experiences that help scientists to quickly develop stronger communication practices. Through learning to perform and improvise, scientists strengthen their ability to do collaborative, creative and inclusive science. To learn more about customized workshops or trainings for your group, click Services.

Upcoming Events

February 2, 2016

Bruce Corson and Raquell Holmes will be leading students in Martha McCoy’s Palisades High School in a ‘life design’ workshop called “Being Inside and Outside the Box.” They will be introducing an adapted

February 11, 2016

What is the significance of communication in science? Do we need it? And who is “we”? Through the Thirst event series in DC on Feb. 11th, Dr.


Improv is the ability to create dialogues, scenes, and interactions without the benefit of a script or pre-determined plot or storyline.  It depends on accepting and working with all offers in a positive manner as a way to create something new.

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