improvscience is a consulting business founded in 2010 by Dr. Raquell Holmes. We design and implement programs that develop scientists’ leadership, collaboration and communication skills. Dr. Holmes meets with leaders to address the developmental goals of their organization.

improvscience programs combine consulting, workshops, and courses that are delivered on-site, online or in blended formats.  Participants experience the power of collective intelligence as they build learning ensembles with improvscience. Their ability to work together effectively and accomplish a variety of complex tasks advances as they call upon each person’s innate ability to improvise and perform.

Participants learn to generate and explore ideas, to take intellectual risks and to with the contributions of others. These competencies are critical to accelerating scientific discovery and innovation and to growing an engaged and productive workforce.

With science at play, what previously seemed impossible can be created at work

Talk with us to build a culture of learning, growth and communication.