I am a scientist committed to creating the ultimate research environment in which scientists can play and discover new things together. I've discovered that improvisation, which transforms people's lives in a variety of professional and educational settings, can develop and advance our lives and work as research scientists.

Being on the leading edge requires working with, building on and advancing the work of others. The help and support we need, as do millions of people not in science, is creating environments in which we can perform at our best and move beyond what we already know how to do. My work with colleagues across such fields as physics, computer science, mathematics and biology facilitates this transformation.

A key discovery in improvisation is our ability to create and collaborate with others. Through my work with colleagues, students and administrators, I have discovered that scientists and researchers become flexible collaborators when they practice working as improvisational ensembles. Through performance, they build community and expand their relational and co-creative capacities.

STEM professionals, with the help of improvscience, are recognizing that creating improvisational ensembles and collaborative communication is critical to their own growth and science. This ability to create new ways of talking and working with each other has paved the way to a new vision of what scientific culture can become.

Contact us to create a culture of learning, growth and innovation for your science and scientists.

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