Scientists, engineers and technical professionals, with our help, are creating improvisational ensembles and collaborative communication practices that support their growth and work. They are developing new ways of talking and working with each other and new visions of what scientific work cultures can become.

I am a scientist committed to creating the ultimate research environment in which scientists can play and discover new things together. I've discovered that improvisation can develop and advance our lives and work as research scientists.

Working at the leading edge of science and technology means moving beyond what we already know how to do in our fields. This requires creatively building on and advancing the work of others. 

Through my work, colleagues across the fields of physics, computer science, mathematics and biology, have discovered that they become flexible collaborators when they can build improvisational ensembles. Through play and performance, we develop our relational capacities that make collective intelligence possible.

Let's develop together!

Contact me to create a culture of learning, growth and communication with your people. 

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